Selecting Your Reading

The most popular reading I offer is a non-directed or “general” reading.  There is no particular area of focus; instead, the expectation is that whatever information comes up for you is what you may need to focus on or consider for the immediate future.  Sometimes, what does come up is not what was on your mind!  The reason that occurs is we are all guilty of having “tunnel vision” in our perspectives, and maybe we need a nudge to actually pay some attention to other areas in our lives.  That “nudge” is what the general reading will do for you, point out where you need to be looking, even if you don’t think it’s important or relevant.

Types of Readings Offered Here

The 3-4 month reading:  General reading, covering time frame from date of reading forward approximately 90-120 days.  (May also go back in time SLIGHTLY depending on the cards.)  Talks about any likely upcoming events/circumstances, with approximate dates; considered a predictive reading.  (Tarot only 15 min or 30 min sessions, or add either Lenormand, Oracle or Runes for add’l 15mins.)
15mins/$30  30mins/$55  each add’l 15mins/$25

Couples/Partners:  The 3-4 month spread is laid out, one for you and one for your spouse or significant other.  While the reading for you both is done at the same time, your individual spreads are read separately for context, then where the spreads intersect, the readings are combined in those areas that affect you both as a unit.  (Tarot only, or add Lenormand, Oracle, or Runes for add’l 15min)  Approx 75min/$165; if we go over time, each add’l 15min/$30  NOTE: Both people must be in the room or otherwise present at the time of the reading. Requests for exceptions must be made in advance, and are a case-by-case basis only.

Annual or One Year Reading:  Covers one year from date of reading, and you have a choice of two ways.

Option A is the Wheel version; similar to a horoscope but with Tarot cards.  Covers 12 areas of your life with time frames, plus 2-5 subtopics, depending on the cards. (Tarot only, or add either Lenormand, Oracle or Runes for add’l 15min.)  Approx 75min/$145 w/o questions.  Approx 90min/$170 w/questions. Over time;each add’l 15min/$25.

Option B is the Quarterly version, more intricate; the spread for the 3-4 month reading is used with 4 tarot decks, each deck representing a separate quarter of the coming year.  (Tarot only, or add either Lenormand, Oracle or Runes for add’l 15min.)  Approx 90min/180 w/o questions.  Approx 105min w/questions. Over time: each add’l 15min/$25.

Questions Only:

Single subject:  One spread used for particular situation, or area or concern, to show likely outcome, probabilities, with suggestions.  (Tarot only, or add either Lenormand, Oracle or Runes.)  15min/$45 30min/$70

Yes or No: Questions that can be answered with either yes or no, with minimal explanation.  Two choices:  5 questions; the first 2 answered with cards, minimal explanation with the answers, the remaining 3 will be answered with a pendulum, no explanation.  Or: 10 questions; the first 4 answered with cards, minimal explanation, the remaining 6 answered with a pendulum, no explanation.  (Tarot and pendulum only)  5 questions: $45  10 questions: $70

Readings via email, phone or Skype: no extra charge.


I am STICKLER for personal privacy; I will NOT read into someone else’s life who is not present at the time.

I do NOT predict specific timing of either births, deaths or marriages (see disclaimer page).  If you suspect your or a loved one’s health is questionable, seek appropriate medical attention (see disclaimer page).






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