Cards With Coffee


Spring is around the corner, bringing relief from the winter and the sensation of freedom…at least, if you’re a soon-to-graduate student! Spring also has us look at ourselves and notice if anything about ourselves needs restoration or rejuvenation. Maybe even a little pampering is order!


The Pages in the Tarot deck are the harbingers of new opportunities coming up, or getting a second chance to feel good, proud, and confident, whether at work or at play. The “contents” of the Cups are meant to strengthen “core” of the recipient. The Page of Cups shows us how to relax in those feelings though interaction with others.


There are those in your life who feel affection and gratitude regarding you, and occasionally demonstrate those feelings with a gift of some kind. It’s a great time to learn how to receive compliments or gifts from family, friends or colleagues, if you’ve had that difficulty in the past. The Page of Cups signifies refreshing oneself just by simply accepting what is offered. Sometimes, just reconnecting with a friend, a mentor or a loved one after a long absence is a gift you can give yourself that both would enjoy.


Another gift you can give yourself trying out or learning a new hobby that has a social element, such as playing guitar with other enthusiasts, or taking on a 5K race for a good cause. These and similar activities do more than just move your limbs; they move your heart and mind as well.


So when you get those invitations to have some fun or do something new, say “Yes!” It’s what’s in the Cup!


This post also appears in the March 2014 Issue.

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