I come from a family which had intuitive talents running down both sides, but because of their religion or whatever social stigma was in vogue during their lifetimes, most of my relatives did not explore those talents.  I know of very few occasions where one of them used their intuition or talent to get themselves or a close friend or relative get through tough times.  The comments usually made were things like “well, she’s a lot like Great Aunt So-and-so,” and there would be sage nodding in agreement before the topic was changed.  The more recent generations (my parents and their contemporaries) were a bit more open about it, but there was still the various stigmas associated with such talents.

My mother had an Ouija Board and a Rider Waite deck she would pull out on occasion, and when I was little I was fascinated by them.  I can remember a few occasions watching her and some of her friends use both of them when I was around six or seven years old.  I played with the cards on the few occasions they were left out, but if I was caught I was sternly warned they weren’t toys.  I got a little older, and some of my parents friends would let me pull three or four cards for them and “just say what comes to mind” and I did.  I can remember a few expressions of surprise on their faces, but I had no idea what I was saying or what it could possibly meant to them, and they never told me.

I lost interest after a while until my mid-twenties.  I made a friend at a metaphysical shop who also read for me there on occasion.  She would always say to me that I should be a Tarot reader, but I would demur; as a Christian I had heard all the vague and not-so-vague warnings about “dabbling in the occult” with all that implies.  As I understood my faith at the time, I didn’t feel I would lose Christ by getting more proficient in an old childhood interest, but I did have a nebulous sort of feeling  I would be disappointing God in some way.

My friend was insistent however, and later when she opened her own shop, she gave her first Tarot class for beginners.  She told me to be there, or else! Well, I went–after much prayer and thought.

The method she taught was based in large part on her mentor’s approach, Rolla Nordic, who preferred the medieval methods of reading Tarot.  Training so closely in the older origins of the cards (rather than the Rider Waite approach, which came about around the turn of the 20th century), I felt so much more comfortable reconciling learning the Tarot with my faith.  (Since that time, I have also studied and now read Runes, various Oracle cards, and the Lenormande deck.  I occasionally combine them to give multi-layered readings.)

I began reading professionally in 1994.  Sometime later I found myself in Texas reading at various fairs, starting with the Dallas Psychic Fair, while still working in a regular job.  I am rather glad that I’ve always worked while still being a professional reader; I like being honestly able to say to someone “I understand” what’s going on in their lives.  Working in environments that you rarely control but always must adapt to gives some insight in those areas as well as others.

I consider myself a down-to-earth reader, rather than a mystical one.  I prefer to give you as much usable information as I can as clearly as I can, so that you can make your own best choices.    I try to deliver that information as kindly as I can.  Having said that, I believe in being honest and direct with my readings.  So if you don’t want to know everything I see, or you want sugar on it, I gently suggest getting a reading from someone else.

The main thing to remember when you get a reading is that YOU are still the Captain of your ship (life).  No matter what I or anyone else says to you, nothing is set in stone.  I might say something crummy is on the horizon, but now that you have an awareness of it, you have the ability minimize or avoid it.  I might also tell you something wonderful is on the horizon, and you still have the ability to miss it altogether!  If a decision needs to be made, or an action needs to be taken, it will be you who does it–or it will be you who does nothing.  I firmly believe in YOU, and you should believe in you too.