Ash Wednesday Prayer and Mala

Hello m’dears!
Today is Ash Wednesday; for those of you who are not Catholic or similar, this day starts an approx 6 week period of Lent. Depending on how you were raised is how you participate in it—like all other rituals in every other religion, it’s evolved by region, culture etc etc. (I say this because there was someone I was on a group call with the other day who was rather insulting about the ritual…but I put that down to being unaware and send blessings anyway.)

Basically, it’s about 40 days of prayer and fasting covering the period of time Jesus is believed to have fasted in the desert. Fasting in modern times usually means giving up a thing or two you ordinarily enjoy, or committing to some sort of daily service–again, this varies, but the choice is entirely yours on what to give up or what to do. Many do both. Most pick one thing, but don’t talk about it as it’s between them and God.
Starting today at noon USA CST, and every hour through 9pm CST, I will be saying one Rosary and one Mala ShreemBrezee.

In between (since I happen to have today off) I will be cleaning and clearing my house.

My intention with both the prayers and the clearing of my house is to symbolically help you while helping myself, focusing on not only cleaning and clearing my life but also sending that energy out to you. Whatever you need or want in your life in the physical, mental, psychic, emotional, financial, social, professional areas of your life, I probably need or could use too.

So, if you want to “join” me for those consecutive times, doing whatever prayers or rituals work for you, wherever you happen to be that would be lovely.

Kat xx

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