Cards with Coffee: “Know All, See All” and Other Misconceptions

So.  Tarot cards.

When you read those words, what comes up in your mind?

Tempted? Fearful? Intrigued? “Total scam”?

Does your intellect dismiss them, even as vague superstition or fear rising from your subconscious makes you shiver inside?

As a professional Tarot reader (I can hear some of you coughing), I am always faced with those who think I either “know all, see all” and the other end of the spectrum who think I’m a fraud. There are a lot of others like me out there, both amateurs and professionals, who like me, are not frauds, but don’t pretend to know it all either.

Tarot reading with Runes
Tarot reading with Runes

My goal with this blog is move your perspective to somewhere in between those two extremes.  Gain a respect for the historical Tarot, its uses, as well as other forms of divination and allied practices (Reiki, hypnosis, astrology, et al) –and for the readers who use their talents to help others and yes, make a living with it.

Before I go any further–a note about fortune tellers:  the scams, the fakes, the cheats, and the thieves.  They do exist and operate in the world of divination.

No doubt.  No denial.

They also exist and operate in the worlds of construction, the judiciary system, gambling, healthcare system, the ministry, banking, real estate, politics, professional and amateur sports.  Even the Olympics are not immune.  Not so very different from the “real” world after all.

People who do this kind of work are as individual and ordinary in every respect as you are, except in what they choose to do for a living or as a public service, or both.  They even have their own specialties within the scope of their particular practice. What puts them under the microscope is–let’s face it–the ‘taboo” that surrounds divination in many societies, even today.

Once in  while, a documentary emerges, attempting to show how readers connect intuitively with another person or event.  Always interesting, but sometimes hard to believe.

It’s hard to believe because there are many tricks that mimic actual psychic readings.  You can watch the (fictional) show #TheMentalist  for examples of the carnival version of psychic skills.  The so-called “cold” readings, in the hands of a skilled mentalist, are as easy to fake as a Rolex is–at least to someone ignorant of how to tell the real one from the imitation.

So it’s understandable if you believe all readers are fakes.

Unless, of course–you sit down with someone who can really do what s/he says s/he can do.

Over time, I’ll introduce you to readers  and other practitioners whose skills and commitment I respect and trust as well as I trust my own.  Even if you don’t accept divination as something that has substance, I hope you develop a respect for those who practice those talents with integrity.

You may not leave this site a believer, and of course, you don’t have to be.   What you will be, hopefully, is more knowledgeable.

Until next time, be kind and be blessed.


Kat 😉





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